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Top Ten of 2009

 This list was a hard one to come up with.  One, I didn't keep track of all the books I read this last year, so I had to look at some publishing dates to verify that I did indeed read it in '09.  Two, I read so many books... I can't remember all the ones I read.  Most of these are ones I read more recently, which, admittedly, I've had more money for books recently, and more time (kind of).  I did gorge on reading over the last couple of months.  So, in no particular order are my favorites (that I know I read last year)  from 2009.

Frostbitten would have made my list even if I had read it in January of last year... This one I would have remembered. It was excellent. Clay and Elana are my favorite characters she has in this series, and the setting was perfect for wolves.

Another one from Kelley Armstrong. Her YA series is excellent and I'm anxiously awaiting the next one.

This one was a reread last spring. I still love it.

This one was powerful.  I hear there are more to this particular series and I intend to read them in 2010.  I really liked her book A Fistful of Sky too.  So far she doesn't disappoint.

An online friend of mine wrote this, and the next in the series Jabril. They are quite good if you like steamy vampire stories that actually have a really good plot :) Her writing is tight and her characters very believable.

I really liked this one. The MC was pretty kick ass, the writing was good and the science was nifty. (yes, I just said nifty). I will be reading more in this series.

This one (as were several others) was a recommendation from someone's blog. I forget who. It's fantasy, and it's really good. The MC gets beat up, but she holds it together and there are several interesting twists. I'll be reading more in this series.

My first of this author's though I've read her website. She has some great advise up for writers. This book was really good. It's the second in a world, but can stand alone. I'm looking forward to reading the first. It's fantasy with all the appropriate elements: Epic battles, epic voyages: epic magic, all at a high cost. The story is good the characters are good and the writing holds up to my standards.

My Irish Sailor got this for me for my Birthday because he thought it seemed up my alley. He was right. I've been meaning to read her for quite some time and just hadn't gotten around to it. This is another series that is on my continue list.

And last but not least, Soulless. I thought the concept was cool and the characters were amusing in a good sort of way. The humor was British and I like that. I didn't like that it was written in third person omniscient, however I liked the story well enough to get over my dislike of that point of view and will read more when they come out.

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